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I was referred to Apollo Investigative Services in Anchorage Alaska by a family friend who used a search engine to locate a Private Investigations firm for me that I could utilize in a domestic violence issue in which I was experiencing with my boyfriend.I did not realize that I made a mistake in my choice of the P.I.

service provider until it was too late. I contacted Apollo Investigative Services and spoke with Sean Eichrodt in reference to the Domestic Violence issue that I was going through with my boyfriend. He requested for me to meet with me in person to discuss my case more thoroughly and in detail. I arrived at his office the following afternoon to discuss with him the details of my case and the situation in detail; he was not there.

I waited around for about 30-45 minutes. As I was about to pull out, he was pulling up in the parking lot. (Tan Chrysler Sebring). He apologized for being late; then we proceeded inside the office for our initial meeting.

He informed me that he did have to ask some in depth questions about how the first incident took place; of course I was more than willing to provide him with all the information he needed as I was in need of help. After the meeting was over, I felt confident enough in what he said he could do for me to help me with this case. Of course there was a retainer fee of $1200 that would have to be paid upfront before he could proceed forward with my case. I asked him if I could do installment payments to him, instead of replying with a yes or no answer; he said..

"We can work something out, if you are willing to play the game" I asked him what he meant by, "game" he said, basically.. "I scratch your back you scratch mine, literally" I said.. what do you mean literally... He laughed and said..

"If we were friends with benefits, you would not have to pay me a dime for me to take on your case". I could smell the alcohol as he walked closer to me.. I ran out of the office as fast as I could..

and I never looked back.Dealing with this company made me feel like a victim all over again.


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Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1318393

Wow I met this guy years ago on a dating site and we hung out (big mistake on my part) he was very forceful... I believe you poor thing!

Anchorage, Alaska, United States #1202362

This fake review was written by a former employee who used a fake name and social security number to gain employment with Apollo Investigative Services. This review was written while the former wmployee was in Anchorage Jail awaiting federal trial in an effort to discredit Apollo Investigative Services, the owner, and the investigators working there.

to Apolloinvserv #1347842

Sean Eichrodt is the sole owner/employee of Apollo Sexual Assault Services.Don't buy the "other investigators" garbage.

Ask him where he was a federal law enforcement officer and ask him how that worked out.

Oh yeah, they fired him.Gee, I wonder why.

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